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England travel Guide Information

London Tube etiquette
At the last count the tube consisted of 275 stations with 3,988 tube carriages carrying around 2.5 million passengers a day on 12 tube lines… phew! Firstly you’ll need to remember to stand to the right on the escalators (walkers to the left), if you get it wrong a grumpy commuter will probably set you straight… Once on the train stand clear of the closing doors, they can give you a pretty decent knock if they hit you. When getting on or off the train make sure you mind the gap! This varies from a few inches to a foot at some of the stations.

Eat-in, eat-out charges
You’ll find that some cafes will display two prices – a price to eat-in and a price to eat-out. If you’re trying to save cash go for the eat-out option.

English food
The myth that English food is boring and tasteless isn’t true! At least not anymore. You’ll find a huge variety of international restaurants, especially in London. Make sure you sample some of the old-fashioned traditional foods in pubs though, and wash it down with some local beer!

Hot and cold
Come prepared for any sort of weather – even if the day starts off well it’s likely that the temperature will change. The best thing to do is layer your clothes so you can add or subtract as necessary.

Being polite
The British are in general very polite people and will expect at least basic politeness from travellers. Pleases and thank you’s go a long way! At the same time they have a wicked sense of humour.

Don’t be surprised or offended if you’re called darling, dear, dearie, flower, love, chick, chuck, me duck, me duckie, mate, guv, son, ma’am or any other similar pet name by someone you don’t know. It’s quite normal.

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