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Historical Vacation Ideas In England

England is one of the most historically interesting and vibrant countries anywhere in the world. That is why those heading on a vacation to England should visit some of the prime historical sites as part of their trip. With imposing castles, magnificent country estates and fascinating museums history buffs will certainly be entertained whilst visiting England; whether travelling on your own, as a couple or with the family it is hoped that the details of the following sights will give tourists essential vacation ideas.

A vacation in England should also include a visit to the historic city of Bath. This city lying in Somerset has an amazing history from Celtic and Roman times up until the Victorian period. Because of the natural springs present within the city the Romans built up a considerable spa settlement, today some of these baths remain and are must see for travellers, although taking a dip in the waters is not allowed. During the Georgian period the city built up as a considerable spa resort, enticing those from London to ‘take the waters’, meaning that Bath toady has a large amount of sumptuous architecture and an air of luxury.

England has a rich spiritual heritage and as such there are various sites that should be visited whilst on vacation that will give an insight into this history. Naturally the most famous of these spiritual sights is in Canterbury. Designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site it is the seat of the Archbishop of Canterbury, the leader of the Church of England. Canterbury has played host to some of the most tumultuous events in British history, the most infamous probably being the murder of Thomas Becket, at the supposed orders of King Henry II, although conjecture still exists as to whether the king really did want his former best friend dead.

Another brilliant attraction worth visiting whilst on a vacation in England is Blenheim Palace. Built in the eighteenth century for the Earl of Marlborough,John Churchill and named after his greatest victory it represents the country’s gratitude for Churchill’s military exploits. To find a grander palace anywhere else in the nation would be difficult, as the home of the Churchill family for three hundred years, it was also the home of a famous modern Churchill, Winston, who once again led the country in a war on the continent.

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